Compost Toilets

We stock a range of composting toilets which can be used to replace an expensive septic tank system. We have a series of different systems to suit different circumstances as well as consumables to help with maintenance and accessories.

Unlike chemical toilets, composting systems are odour-free, don’t use chemicals, produce no pollution, don’t need pumps and can save the average family approximately 35,000L of water per year.

There is a composting toilet suitable for almost any situation, with price varying according to use & building layout.

The Sun-Mar Self Contained Toilet

Sun-Mar ExcelSun-Mar Excel NE

If your home is built on a concrete slab or with very little ground clearance, then the Sun-Mar self contained toilet is your best option. Because the toilet is self contained, all composting is done inside the unit then removed via the finishing tray located at the base,without the need for additional chambers or extra installations.

Sun-Mar are one of the largest manufacturers of composting toilets in the world and have been producing them from 30 years.

The Sun-Mar Excel uses a patented rotating 3 chamber processing system called the Bio-drum that makes it stand out from competitors. The Bio-drum insures optimal processing by providing the best composting conditions, including:

  • Distributing & controlling moisture
  • Supplying oxygen to the compost
  • Controlling compost temperature

To accommodate the size of the drum, the Sun-Mar is taller then a conventional toilet with an optional step provided. A 12 or 240 volt fan runs the system to ensure it remains odourless.


The Nature Loo

Nature-Loo 650-3553780

The Nature Loo Classic is the ultimate waterless toilet system, saving the average family approximately 35,000L of water a year. The system is compact and with its white fibreglass finish and oak timber seat, looks like a conventional toilet.

Also available are the Nature Loo Compact and the Nature Loo Excelet NE which are similar to a Classic, however, the compost bins also double as a pedestal instead of being kept separately to the unit. The Compact also has a much smaller user capacity, generally only 1-2 people depending on the number of composting chambers available. The Excelet NE has a much better look in its design & is approved for use in QLD homes, unlike the Compact.

Nature Loo are an Australian run, family owned business and have been producing waterless toilets for 21 years.

The Nature Loo Classic operates by having a composting chamber installed underneath the unit (no less then 630mm). These chambers break down the compost and are replaced with a new chamber once full, taking approximately 6 months, while the old one is emptied either onto the garden or buried, ready to be used again. 

Because of the process the Nature Loo uses for composting & its design, it is free of:

  • Odours
  • Chemicals
  • Pollution
  • Pumps and high maintenance costs
  • Electrical costs

The system uses 240 volt fans to remove odour and help with oxygen intake & has a 12 volt transformer included.