About Us

Solar ’N’ Sat is a business based on our expertise and robust, proven, high-tech systems that serve people of independent spirit, who either live or travel off the beaten track. Although if you live in the middle of town or even in a capital city, we have systems for you too.

We have built our Solar ’N’ Sat business by living and working with the solar power and satellite reception systems we sell. We are constantly monitoring and testing new components as they become available in the ever-advancing fields of solar power generation and satellite communications. The owners and operators of Solar ’N’ Sat all live in homes that rely on the products we recommend.

On the Solar side of our business we supply power systems for remote homesteads, many of these can deliver most of the necessary daily power to the site.  They’re usually supported automatically by a diesel or petrol generator which cuts in when the weather doesn’t cooperate! …Out there in the remote Australian inland, that’s not often.

We have developed ‘packages’ of systems we call ‘SolarPowerStations’ which deliver different output levels to suit the situation and customers’ budgets. But very often what we supply is custom-built. Because we keep up-to-date with fast-changing technical developments, we offer a personal, plain language, telephone service for customers, realising that by talking together, we can discover what system will best suit their unique needs and circumstances.

We have 2 accredited offgrid installers with years of experience and knowledge to make sure your offgrid system serves you reliably now and into the future!

But not only do we assist with the supply of reliable solar power, we understand the need to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world even when travelling or living in remote areas.

So we provide lightweight satellite receiving systems for free-to-air digital TV and radio stations. To keep you informed and entertained.

Systems for Caravans and mobile homes are a specialty and again we recommend that customers call us to discuss their needs. We’ll design a system to suit, and can arrange installation at our Gin Gin store which is on the Bruce Highway.

When travellers visit us they find that we stock a few other interesting products. They are supplementary items that we think are well designed and manufactured. They attract the interest of people on the move as well as those living in remote locations.