• Powerstation


    Our SolarPowerStation™ is an all in one standalone solar power system designed to power a home or property completely off-grid. These units are available from a 1.5kw all the way to a whopping 6kw system. For more information please contact us.


Solar Power – Off-Grid & RV Systems

We can save you money on generator fuel costs for your home & RV

If you’re too far from the grid, don’t start the diesel! we can get you powered-up with almost no running costs at all! We have great solar power packages for caravans and mobile homes too! 

Satellite Phones and Messengers

Now with our range of satellite phones and and messengers you can keep in touch pretty much anywhere in the world, Use your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Android phone even when you have no mobile coverage, via satellite using the SatSleeve and a free app. We also have the inReach SE for true 2 way text messaging using the the Iridium Satellite Network for maximum coverage. These also have an SOS function that sends a message to a monitored call centre to ensure you get the assistance you require, FAST!

Satellite TV Kits

We can keep you in touch with the world, wherever you are – with plenty of radio and TV stations. We have great satellite television packages for caravans and mobile homes and remote properties bringing in the signal loud and clear, and TV pictures in high definition. 

Personal Service

  • Custom-designed systems to suit your needs.
  • We travel to remote installations. There’s no track too long, no homestead too far.


Gin Gin, on the Bruce Highway just west of Bundaberg 


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